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This app is hangman game for tamil movies, You have various categories available to play with,

Movie Names of MGR
Movie Names of Shivaji
Movie Names of Rajini
Movie Names of Kamal
Movie Names of Vijay
Movie Names of Ajith
Movie Names of Vikram
Movie Names of Surya
Movie Names of Dhanush
Movie Names of Vishal
Movie Names of Simbu
Movie Names of Jeeva
Movie Names of Aarya
Movie Names of Prasanth

The game is available in two layouts, Wood board and Paper board. The rule is very simple, you gotto save the hangman by choosing the correct tamil letters that forms the appropriate word for the chosen category.

I hope this will be a lot fun, you enjoy this game... :)

Please provide your valuable comments and feedback. Do not forget to rate the app.

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