Hangman The Best



Complete game of hangman with lots of words, separated by categories, simple and easy to complete with rankings and sounds.
Each round is 11 words in play, you can make mistakes and still continue playing until you complete the round, this point will be checked if you are able to appear in the rankings, according to the score obtained in that round. The score is obtained as follows:
  (number of hits * 10) - (number Of Errors * 5);
Completely interactive, errs when the letter is red, and hit the letter is green, the other yellow are not yet used, and require attention, also emits sounds according to the event is right or wrong, the sound can be disabled easily, with just a touch on the sound icon.
No need for paper, pen or pencil
The categories are: sports animals, objects, fruits, countries and colors.
Good luck, good fun.

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