HIDE n SEEK: Fun Games 4 Droid



HIDE n SEEK is an interactive multiplayer game in which 2 - 5 players can have hours of fun hiding and seeking their Android device.

Brief game-play description:
Number of Players: 2 - 5

In Hide n Seek, you hide the phone around the room you'r playing in. Pick a room with lots of hiding places.
Each Player will get a turn being the Hider, while everyone else are the Seekers.
The Hiders job, is to take the phone and hide it as best as they can, while everyone else has left the room.
Once hidden, the Seekers then seek out the phone. They must find the phone before the "Seek Time" runs out!
When the seeking begins, the phone will make a sound every 10-15 seconds to give the Seekers hints to it's location.
When a Seeker finds the phone, Press the "FOUND" button to let everyone know.
After all Players have had a turn hiding, the Player with the most Points is the Winner!

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