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Inspired by the classic card game "Memory" or "Concentration" using Japanese Hiragana.

Hiragana Memory Game is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down and two cards are flipped face up each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. A matching pair is the Hiragana with its corresponding Romaji.

ka ↔ か = Match!
bo ↔ ぼ = Match!
tsu ↔ こ = No Match!

Use the help file for the correct pairs by pressing MENU during the game.

* 107 different Hiragana in all.
* Randomly selects 15 pairs to ensure a different game every time.
* Amazing graphics to test your memory and knowledge!

Challenge your friends and see who can get the lowest score!

* Developer name change.

* Added 15 more Hiragana!

* Ability to see all cards before play starts.
* Automatically flips wrongs cards over after 2 seconds.
* Added 21 more Hiragana!

* Fixed tablet graphical errors.
* Changed “score” to “attempts” and added a cards remaining counter, request made by HeLLoKiDDy. Thanks!

* Added 3 Difficulty levels!
* A better organized Hiragana help file.

* Added 25 more Hiragana!
* Compatible with Android 1.6+!

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