* Remove the trash. Keep the balance.

Clean Up is a physics based puzzle game in which you have to tap the trashy items to remove them. To gain points, you have to do this fast. However, cleaning up in a hurry usually leaves an even bigger mess behind. This is what you have to prevent in CleanUp. Carefully think about when you remove which item, since bad timing can result in catastrophical chain reactions, while the right strategy often results in cool stunts that you never thought your daily household items *ever* could perform.

* Fully integrated Level Editor.

While playing the shipped levels is great fun, the social and creative aspects of CleanUp kick in as soon as you start to use the build in Editor to create your own levels. You can play them yourself, show them to your friend and share them via facebook. This way you can build a deep riddle, a cool stunt or a quick reaction challenge and immediately find out what your friends think about it.

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