Intellect is a multiplayer turn based quiz game, where you challenge friends or random people to answer 10 questions faster than you.

You will always answer the same question as your opponent, no matter what language you select.

The total score is determined by the time you answer each question, answer quickly and get a high score, or take your time and get a lower score. Wrong answers get no points.

One key element is that no user will have the advantage of having played before. You will at first only receive questions that either you or the opponent have not answered, if you have played a lot and exhausted the question database, you might receive questions that both of you have previously answered incorrectly, or in worst case the oldest questions you both have answered correctly.

The question database is under continuously growth, each week we add hundreds of new questions.

The free version have advertisement, can only challenge in normal difficulty, and mixed categories.

Upgrade to Intellect PRO (in app purchase), and get access to highscore lists (among friends and worldwide), as well as the possibility to challenge in a given category, or a higher difficulty. Intellect PRO is also completely free of advertisement.

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