Jigsaw Puzzle



Jigsaw Puzzle!
Turn any image on your Android device into a realistic jigsaw puzzle with up to 500 pieces. You can use up to 10 fingers at once to move pieces around, so you can have your friend help. Just drag the screen if you need more room to work. The jigsaw pieces lock together and you can drag the whole group.

Jigsaw Puzzle features:
- Unlimited puzzles. Any image on your device can be turned into a jigsaw puzzle
- Realistic looking Jigsaw puzzle pieces
- You can choose any size for the jigsaw puzzle, from 4 up to 500 pieces
- Supports both tablets and phones
- You can drag up to 10 jigsaw puzzle pieces simultaneously
- Jigsaw puzzle pieces will connect when you move them near each other
- Connected jigsaw pieces all move together
- You can drag the board for more room

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