Jungle Math Puzzle for Kids



Jungle Math 4 Kids is a visually stunning math exercise game that transports your child to a tropical rain forest to learn addition and subtraction and build basic math skills. Jungle Math 4 Kids is loaded with such authentic sights and sounds of toucans, jaguars, snakes, and other rain forest creatures that it makes learning numbers and arithmetic fun and enjoyable. It really is like taking your child on a trip to the Amazon!

The object is to combine two numbers within the same color field to equal the target number. Every time your child makes a correct answer, points are scored and the toucan eats a berry. Feed the brain and you feed the bird!

And If your child gets stuck on an equation, the helpful HINT BUTTON displays the correct answer.

Jungle Math 4 Kids builds math, logic and reasoning skills by testing your child’s ability to perform basic math operations. Parents, help your elementary and pre-schoolers become math superstars with this simple and fun arithmetic game. It’s so much fun, kids won’t even know they’re learning

Whether on long car trips, waiting for food at a restaurant, or during one-on-one time, Jungle Math 4 Kids will help you bond with your child and keep you both entertained for hours. This math practice app for the Android phone is an Amazon rainforest adventure that can be played and enjoyed by the entire family.

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