Jungle Math Puzzle



Jungle Math is a visually stunning math game designed to entertain and stimulate your brain.

The object is to score points by calculating two numbers within the same color field to equal the target number. Each game has a time limit and each level gets progressively harder.

However, do not get your beak tweaked if you get stuck finding an answer. Just use the helpful HINT BUTTON. But keep in mind this button is a double-edged sword for you competitors out there. It shows the correct answer but it also deducts points from your score. Oh yeah, and the rainforest “boo-birds” will start squawking. They’re so smug, but do not let them ruffle your feathers. Use those boos as motivation to try harder and be smarter.

Jungle Math is designed to dazzle the eye while it trains your brain and pump up your mental muscles. It transports you to the Amazon and into the heart of what a brain game should be: challenging, impressive and fun.

Gamers, “beakome” Beak Geeks when you upload your scores to our worldwide competition with a chance to win amazing rewards. Prove to yourself, and the world, you can walk the walk and squawk the squawk.

Minimum requirements: Android 2.2.

• Speeds up ability to perform calculations quickly
• Builds brainpower
• Boost IQ scores
• Three brain teasing levels: Apple (easy), Pineapple (medium), Coconut (hard)
• Twenty-five rounds per level = 75 games total!
• Enter scores for worldwide competition
• Fun and very addictive

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