K-trivia Geo Quiz Game App



Learn Geography more by playing the Geography Quiz Games and it is designed mainly for preschoolers, senior citizens or adults. Your school going kids will be more excited to finish this game with recalling their geography knowledge. There will be Multi Choice Questions available based on different topics such as their flags, rivers, mountains, the location of countries, states, capitals, characteristics of different weathers, the physical part of worlds and the universe, etc.


• Multiple question range will be given and you have to choose the appropriate range.
• Selection of right answer option from 4 options will carry forward towards winning
• Quicker answering practice will expand your ranking to a higher position.
• Score more than 3000 points and become Reputed Score Booster
• Sharing your procurement success with your online friends will be facile through Facebook login.

Why Kids should play this Geographical Quiz Game?

Some kids are not fond of Manual textbooks frequently and in this developed digital era, they are more interested in playing different computer games or mobile games. So, the parents can find an alternate way to get grown of the Geography knowledge of their kids through this type Geography Quiz Game and the students will be able to learn Geography in games and fun mode. This type of educational game eliminates the pressurizing methods for the study of children and they will be excited to play and learn geography via Geo Challenge games.

It will be an easier method for storing Geography knowledge in their memory by playing frequently. It will help kids in attending Geography classes in school more sincerely. In this game, you have to guess the various national flags of different countries which may put you on big confusion during answering the Geography quizzes.

Why would the Senior Citizens and Adults will play this Geography World Game?

The people (Teachers or Tutors) who are teaching Geography subjects to other students must be interested in revising their Geography knowledge through this Geography Trivia Game and enjoying the fun with earning knowledge. Also, some senior citizens would like to know about flags and capitals of different countries and they will choose this Geo Trivia game as their leisure friend.

Our Designers have designed the images of national flags very well using their talents and make this game app very much attractive. What for are you waiting? Just Download this game app for free and install for your kids to learn Geography.