Kids Mello & Smudge Maze



Kids love Mello and Smudge.

Help Mello a cute little puppy get his ball in this beautifully rendered 3d maze marble game. Avoid Smudge and his feline friends, they will steal your ball at any cost. You will need to find your way through increasingly difficult mazes. The game is accelerometer based witch is loads of fun for the kids. The player actually moves the ball by tilting the device back and forth.

No maths or spelling just loads of awesome challenging mazes. The accelerometer based controls are great for developing hand eye coordination. This is a wonderful activity to help children improve their fine motor skills.

All efforts have been made to make the navigation as simple as possible for kids to understand. We have made use of symbols where ever possible, so mom and dad can sit back and relax while the kids loads of fun.

Ages 2+

HD rendered 3d graphics, 24 beautiful levels, challenging mazes, realistic physics, simple navigation, Train had eye coordination, Exercise puzzle solving, great for development, Fun entertainment for kids, Child safe

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