King of the Castle: Chess game

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    Do you enjoy brain teasers? Puzzles? Do you enjoy chess? Then you will enjoy this thought provoking game.

    King of the Castle is the unique game that transforms the chess board into an insanely challenging puzzle. Use standard chess pieces and use the standard rules of chess to solve the puzzle.

    Developed exclusively for Android with feedback by some of the top ranked players in the world, it’s perfect for fans of the timeless game who are looking for something new.



    GOAL: Eliminate the chess pieces on the board by using captures until only one chess piece remains on the board.



    - GOAL: The puzzle is solved when only one chess piece remains on the board

    - Every move has to be a capture

    - White pawns move up diagonally, black pawns move down diagonally

    - Black chess pieces capture white chess pieces

    - White chess pieces capture black chess pieces

    - Black-white chess pieces can capture all pieces and all chess pieces can capture the black-white pieces

    - Blocks cannot be captured or moved

    - Tap to highlight a chess piece and then tap another chess piece to attack

    -HAVE FUN!!

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