Korea Subway Surf



Do you Like Subway Surfing?


- Multiple videos that will teach you how to surf

- Watch the most popular surfers do their tricks and amaze you

-See the most popular surfing spots in the world!


-Block Game: This game is like any other tetris game but the only difference is the blocks that are of a different shape, size and colour. Try to arrange them up and stack them on top of one another, beside each other or by itself and try to fit all of them nicely together to form a huge rectangular block.

-Puzzle: Try to solve 6 different puzzles which are unique in their own way. These different types of puzzles are very difficult to solve as most of their background are showing part or most of the sea. You have to picture the exact location of where the puzzle pieces must go and solve the puzzle where all the pieces are meant to be.

-Memo: Memory game to test your memory and how good you can remember where the pictures are!

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