Random generation of the maze. Solve button. Six game mode: Use your finger to find the exit, buttons, accelerometer with ball or with assistant.
    The labyrinth is a classic game of puzzle which consists in the only way that leads from the input box to box out. In this particular context the entry, of yellow color, is placed on the left side of the labyrinth while the output, of green color, is located on the opposite side. With Labyrinth you can find the exit through the use of the hand as a pen or with the use of the accelerometer, rolling the ball on the maze to the exit or with a buttons. In Classic mode is necessary draw approximately the path you want on the screen and Labyrinth draw for us the correct path, without maintain your finger on the head position of the path itself. The path drawn in yellow indicate that we not have reached the exit. In case you come to a dead street it is necessary to retrace your steps and try a new path. When you reach the exit path route turns green. In Ball mode, to find the exit, direct your device in the direction you want the ball go. If you don’t find the exit, you can access the solution and draw the path by clicking the Solve button (the green light on the upper left).

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