Learn Chinese with Sudoku



Learn Chinese and have fun at the same time with your favourite puzzle game!

This is a brand new version of Sudoku where instead of using traditional numbers you use
the Chinese Symbols that represent 1 to 9. All the logic and rules are exactly the same as a
standard Sudoku puzzle, with three levels from Easy to Hard.

After a few games you will be able to write from 1 to 9 in Chinese Symbols, a great party trick to
impress your friends.

Play once a day or many times, choosing from three levels, easy, medium or hard.

The application is optimised for standard phones and HD.

Each Sudoku game is timed and the app keeps a tally of your fastest times per level.

The Sudoku game works on and offline.

If you need it there is a cheat option with a hint for one cell. Auto and manual notes
are also available.


- 3 levels, Easy Sudoku, Medium Sudoku and Hard Sudoku.
- notes, including auto notes
- statistics of previous games
- how to play guide
- optimised for HD
- option to purchase after 20 plays

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