Learning Bunnies: Words 1

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    ✔ Stimulate your children's interest in spelling!
    ✔ Fun with Easter bunnies and eggs while learning vocabularies!
    ✔ The Best Ever Action Game in Education for Children
    ✔ Have ninja action fun while learning words!
    ✔ Your kids will be excited to learn through games!
    ✔ Learn words and their spellings while playing with 4 Cute Colorful Bunnies
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    ★ Have ninja action fun while learning vocabularies! Your kids will be excited with the Best Ever Action Game in Education to learn words and their spellings, while playing with 4 Cute Colorful Bunnies.
    ★ “Learning Bunnies: Words 1” is an educational game app that teaches words and their spellings. It is designed for Pre-School or Kindergarten aged children. Parents can select the subjects and difficulty levels that’s best for the kids.
    ★ “Learning Bunnies: Words 1” keeps children engaged with a level up system where children can raise a level for every 10 correct answers. Stimulate their interest in spelling!
    ★ The simple and intuitive user interface is designed to be child friendly, which allows children to play without help from an adult.
    ★ The 4 cute bunnies give hints as Golden Easter Eggs to your child, which shows the correct answer if they don’t know the answer. This encourages them to self-learn and makes self-learning fun!
    ★ Feedback-based learning for children with a focus on positive feedback
    ★ Incremental Learning: Learning is most effective when kids can learn at their own pace.
    ★ Distributed Learning: Different kids learn in different ways over different periods of time. It is important to present information differently so that kids can absorb it.

    • Level 1: Given an upper case letter, recognize its lower case counterpart.
    • Level 2: Given a lower case letter, recognize its upper case counterpart.
    • Level 3: Find the missing letter in short words
    • Level 4: Find the missing letter in longer words

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