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Little Luca is a physics-based puzzler set in pixelated retro graphics

  • Relaxed gameplay
  • Increasing difficult
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Physics and different atmospheric conditions
  • G+ account is needed for achievements and leaderboards

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"Imagine a night sky with no stars"

Little Luca brings players to a post-apocalyptic world with no night sky. The stars fell down one day and got scattered through the universe. Now, you must help Luca restore the world he used to live in.

Use portals to chase after the lost stars. There are three stars in each level you must collect before getting into the portal. However, they all are floating and you must use morphing shapes that reacts to screen taps to make a ball gather all the stars and then set off the portal.

That's the procedure in all the 24 challenging levels Little Luca Free comes with (90 levels in the Full version). However, you will find distinct atmospheric physics conditions in each of the 4 different worlds that make up the game: ”Up The Hills”, outer space “Orbit”, “Into The Deep” sea and the “Tick Tock Land” (latter coming soon).

Little Luca 8-bit pixelated graphics and its top-notch soundtrack get you rapidly in the retro mood but with that currently appreciated indie touch. This is the perfect example of how simplicity can turn into addictiveness when it is well-implemented.

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by Manu , Appszoom

Oct 14, 2013

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