LockBreaker GPS Treasure Hunt



LockBreaker : The GPS Treasure Hunt

Accumulate gold coins by searching for and unlocking treasures near you, or by burying coins in treasures for other players to unlock. You can then use those gold coins to pay for perks (to help you unlock other treasures, or make it tougher for others to unlock yours), unlock regular treasures (if you're out of silver coins), or unlock prizes (current in-game winnable prizes include some of today's hottest electronics and gift cards)!

Each attempt to unlock a regular treasure (buried by another player) costs either one silver coin, or one gold coin. Each attempt to unlock a prize treasure costs one gold coin. Silver coins will refresh at the rate of one coin every 15 minutes - gold coins can only be earned through gameplay.

NOTE: at the current time, you need a Facebook or Twitter account to play LockBreaker. Please don't leave us bad reviews if you don't have either one and have never played the game!

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