The purpose of this program is to complete the circuit by placing the device logic. The completed circuit is a circuit that is the next state.

    1) All round target is blue value (players color)
    2) All diamond target is red value

    When you start the game, you will see incomplete circuits are tailored to the level of the game is set.
    Select the appropriate device at the bottom of the screen from the stock, please place it on the drag circuit. The device was placed, to change the state of the circuit is the number of lamps in the upper right conditions are met. Would be 8 and the condition is met. In addition, the element in stock, please use it all. Once devices are deployed, the last element to be placed can be moved. Also, hold down and return to stock. Along the way, by touching the Help menu, you can check the behavior of the device.
    (return to the game screen by double click)
    KW: Thinking games, logical circuit, device puzzle

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