Logic Quiz 2 - Word Puzzles



Its back........with more puzzles to work your brain harder than ever before.
It gets you thinking in a different way. Once you start you cant stop. Its the Logical brain teaser we all know and love.
Also known as rebus puzzles, brain teasers and pictograms. These will keep you busy for hours. You just cant put it down without figuring it out. A friend might see it in a different way and help you out.
We've mixed them up and made it pretty challenging for you.
Feel your brain strain as you try every possible answer you can think of.
*If you desperate for a tiny hint, email us and we'll help you..........a little.*
- 10 Levels
- 100 Brain teasers
- Countless hours of thinking.

All puzzles have been checked thoroughly for grammar. These puzzles are made this way even though sometimes it may not seem that way. But if you do happen to find a mistake, please let us know.

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