Logo Quiz Game




    Logo Quiz Game is an amazing quiz game which tests your memory skills by showing you logos from most top global brands. The game comes loaded with about 800 logos which are updated frequently.

    ★★★ More than 800 brand logos to solve ★★★

    ★★★ Best word game ★★★

    In the world of branding we are exposed to hundreds of logos and brands every day. Brands are doing everything to make their logos noticed and presence felt. This game tests your recognition ability to identity popular logos of brands with worldwide presence.

    Logo Quiz Game is very addictive game and fun to play with friends and family. Playing the game is fairly simple and easy. Just see the logo image and identify the logo and fill the right letters to complete the brand name.

    The game has different inbuilt hints which are added with every successful identification so you can use them when you are asked to guess a brand name which you are not already familiar with.

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