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    Solve magic squares in a fun and challenging way.

    The only magic square app to give you square options from 3x3 all the way up to 25x25.

    The only magic square app where you have three distinct types of play:

    - In Marathon games you are given a partially solved square and a list of the missing numbers.
    You must then place these number in the square correctly to solve. After each successively solve square you move
    on to the next level where the square in missing even more numbers.

    - In Free Play you are given an empty square to solve. Play with a timer to see just how fast you can solve
    a magic square.

    - With Free Play games you have the option of solving the diagonals or not.

    - Also includes a random magic square generator.
    Generate any size square from 3x3 to 25x25 including odd, singly-even, and doubly-even squares.

    - Change the look and feel of your squares. Choose from six different square styles.

    "In recreational mathematics, a magic square is an arrangement of numbers (usually integers) in a square grid, where the numbers in each row, and in each column, and the numbers in the forward and backward main diagonals, all add up to the same number. A magic square has the same number of rows as it has columns, and in conventional math notation, "n" stands for the number of rows (and columns) it has. Thus, a magic square always contains n2 numbers, and its size (the number of rows [and columns] it has) is described as being "of order n".[1] A magic square that contains the integers from 1 to n2 is called a normal magic square. (The term "magic square" is also sometimes used to refer to any of various types of word squares.)"
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