It is a well-known board game.
The goal is to guess the color combination of game stones, before it reaches the last row or a set time expires (in Time attack game).

At the beginning of the game, the game sets the winning combination, which a player don't know.

By placing stones on the empty positions on the game board the player tries to guess the combination.

If a player believes that he guessed the right combination he press the evaluation button and the game evaluate the color combination in ways that are described in each difficulty.

There are two game modes
Time attack

and three difficulty:
Easy - At this difficulty, evaluating pins correspond to guessed color sequence. Green pin determines the guessed color and order, black pin determines the guessed color and the gray pin determines not guessed color.

Normal - At this difficulty is evaluating pins arranged in order from left: First guessed color and sequence (green pin) further guessed color (black pin) and the last not guessed (gray pin).

Hard - At this difficulty is to evaluate the same as the normal difficulty plus the colors in the row can be repeated.

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