Match Them - Animals for Kids



Oh no! Animals have gone and hidden themselves behind the blocks.

It´s your job to find them, and you can only do this by finding the Animal behind the blocks.

Click on a block to reveal a block, then click on another. If you get two of the same they are free. If not you have to try again.

How quick can you discover them all? All your Animal memories as good as you think?

With this game, children can learn and improve their skills with a funny game. In addition, they will practice languages, because during the game you can use either Spanish or English.

The recommended age is 2-12 years, perfect for preschooler’s kids or more advanced one's. This game is also suitable for adults!

With the game will learn:

- Improve Animals identification ( Gorilla, lion, crocodile,hippopotamus,elephant,cat,duck,dog and more savage animals!)
- Improve their memory
- Improve their motors skills, responsiveness, psychomotor apparatus (every time they will identify the animals faster!)
- Improve their skills in a puzzle solving issues
- Improve Animals-identification through sounds
- Improve their mood! :)
and last but not least
- Improve their feeling towards the animals

This full game is free, for this reason contains ads.

This is a casual and funny game, kids-oriented, a real challenge for the children, must download!

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