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Math Addition Workout - an easy, funny and addicting way to learn calculation and build strong basic math skills.

An addicting and free math brain teaser for kids and adults. Cool Brain game for education and fun.

The purpose of the game is to add the numbers within the given time limit. Practicing math addiction with this game makes it easy and fun.

This is math mind game allowing you to use your logic and analytic skills to increase brain fitness. Boost your brain with infinite addiction levels, speed up your calculation performance.

A fantastic educational learning tool to promote math and logical skills, also great as a math help for kids. Fun brain puzzle exercise for kids and adults, this great brain teaser game tests your IQ allowing you to develop your elementary math, arithmetic and algebra skills, as well as being an excellent general IQ and mental math workout. If you are preparing for an IQ test or a math test, use this smart game as a brain workout to exercise your calculus, arithmetic's and general analytical and mental skills.
Practicing this math and logic game can also improve your memory and concentration skills, as well as increase mind agility. Enjoy this great free math game that's both educational and fun for kids and adults.
Submit your score to global mathematic score-table. Global leaderboards allow you to watch your friends’ achievements. This game is also adapted for android tablets.

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