Math Fall



If you like math, Tetris, or have few minutes to spare and in need for a small, simple game?
Or you have kids that needs to learn math better?
Or you just like small, brain intensive, games?

What it's all about?

Short description:
Tiles with numbers written on them are falling down, and you want to prevent that from happening.
And that's easy - just add numbers by selecting tiles to get the number given on top.

Longer description:
The objective of this game is to prevent the tiles from reaching the bottom by matching the sum of selected tiles to the red number given at the top of your screen. Naturally, the game gradually speeds up, which makes your goal even more challenging.

There are 3 modes of play: easy, medium and hard. In easy mode, there is a yellow number in the upper right corner which helps you by showing the current sum of selected tiles. In medium and hard modes there is no such help, but you can get a time bonus with every tile cleared. The difference between these two modes is in the duration of time bonus. Also, in hard mode the colors of the tiles are randomized.

There are two ways of rating your success: the first is a regular score (the green number in the upper left corner), which represents the sum of all your correct answers, and the second are achievements that you acquire while playing by repetitive use of each particular digit. With each achievement, the game speeds up a little.
Score can be send to Scoreloop global leaderboard to see how good you are in relation to other players around the world.

Game modes:
Easy mode - range of given numbers if progressively harder from 10-20 to 10-50, time period between new row, at the beginning, is 7 seconds
Medium mode - range of given number is 10-50 from the start, time period is 6.8 seconds
Hard mode - range of given number is 10-50, time period is 6.5 seconds, randomize colors

Have fun playing!

P.S. Watch out for next releases, completely customizable game will soon be available, where you will be able to set rows, columns, time...

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