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Math Race Online is the first and only multiplayer math game on the market! In Math Race Online, you can compete against friends, family, and fellow Math Race Online players all around the world, in realtime and in a 100% family friendly setting! There are multiple game modes, and each mode brings a unique, exciting, and educational challenge so you will never get bored. This game makes math fun for a change, and it's an exciting way to keep you entertained, whether you're a child working on your math speed, or a college student trying to prove your intelligence and speed to a friend! The first game mode is Chalkboard Race, and in this mode you need to use your wits and some luck to answer as many math problems on your calculator as you can, and then lock your score before the round randomly ends when a double number is rolled, erasing any score that isn't locked! The second game mode is Order Race, and in this mode you are given 10 random numbers. You have to be the first person to order all 10 numbers from least to greatest and submit your score before anyone else in order to win. The level of competition is what really makes this game fun, and when you are racing to solve a problem, you won't be able to put your Android Device down!

-2 to 4 Person Realtime Multiplayer
-Player Vs. Computer Multiplayer
-Online AND Offline Play
-100% Family Friendly
-Multiple Game Modes
-Preloaded Tutorial Videos
-Play with friends, family, and fellow Math Race Online players across the world
-A store full of awesome rewards (e.g. Profile Icons and Custom Player Fonts)
-Redeemable Codes
-Easy ways to earn free coins

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