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Great game to improve your maths skills! Maths Practice is a mind game developed by ArkayApps that helps to improve your maths skills. It is one of the best android maths puzzle games out there and supports all popular mobile devices.

Maths Practice involves simple mental maths games and there are several games within this app. For example, in one of the games you just have to match a calculation to the number displayed on the top corner. For example, if it displays 18 then you have to choose a calculation from the multiple choice options that matches and makes 18, like 9 + 9 or 6 x 3.

This game comes with several levels so that you can play a level suited to your maths ability, and is fun and suitable for all ages! You can play in easy, hard or free game mode and every mode works accordingly and has different time limits to complete the questions. For example in easy mode you have 20 seconds to complete one sum but in hard mode you only have 10 seconds. If you want to learn and analyse your maths skills as you play, then you can opt for FREE mode which doesn't have any time limit for the sum completions.

This app was designed with the target audience in mind and provides an easy and simple way to enhance your maths skills with fun mental maths exercises. This app is ideal for students to strengthen their maths skills.

So download this app now and enhance your maths skills!

Make full use of Google Game services such as cloud storage, Leaderboard and achievements.
We hope this app will help you to become a maths master!

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