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Trace your finger through the maze to get to the ending

  • Can adjust difficulty levels
  • Controls don't work as precisely as they should
  • Design too visually simple

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"You remind me of the babe"

Yappingboy's Maze is a simple puzzle app wherein you have to find the way from start to finish through the labyrinth.

Trace your finger from the green starting point to the red finishing point. You can adjust the difficulty from Easy to Extreme, the latter of which will give you an exaggeratedly enormous labyrinth to work through. You can zoom in and out to adjust the level of detail displayed on the screen.

The controls don't work as well as they should - my finger was too fat to fit through the corridors, so I ended up coloring multiple passageways at once. The design is also extremely simplistic; some creativity would make the app much more interesting.

Yappingboy's Maze is a passable maze app, although there are others out there that work better.

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by Janel , Appszoom

Nov 27, 2013

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