Memo - Memory Challenges



Have a good memory? Are you sure?

Memo will challenge you ...

From school to home, Memo challenges you to beat all the levels and become a master of memory. There are 30 levels and 4 different places. Don't think it's easy! Depends not only if you have a good memory, but to be fast and efficient in use it, there is no upper limit of time per level, but the fastest occupy a better place in the World Ranking. Only the users who finish all the levels can send their times, abnd participate on the Ranking. Do you dare?

Description of Places:
There are four places, each with a different difficulty:

- College (easy): 5 levels, with up to 20 elements and two modes activated
- Park (normal): 5 levels, with up to 50 elements and 3 modes activated.
- Home (Pro Level): 10 levels, with up to 72 elements and 4 modes activated.
- Bedroom (Master Level): 1 levels, with 72 elements and 6 modes activated.

Description of Modes:
There are 6 ways that add difficulty to each place:

- Change: Every few seconds it changes the position of the elements
- Sustitution: Every few seconds repositioned and found items.
- All Change: Every few seconds change position all the elements.
- Maximos Movements: Has a maximum of allowed moves.
- Combination: Combine different ways.
- Normal: No ways, only to find the items.

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