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The memory game is a game that helps improve memory and reasoning. In this version there are more than 100 different images or letters cadastras. This memory game is not like the others, there are several types of this board designs, ranking, besides being able to select the levels you want to play.
The version in this game can be played in five categories:

- Cities
- Animals
- School
- Countries
- The Human Body
- Random
In the category cities you find pictures of the main cities in the world (Rio de Janeiro, New York, Tokyo ...)

In the category Animals will be found the images of various animals (lion, tiger, dog ...)

In the category School is found several school items (notebook, pen, pencil ..)

In the category countries is possible to see flags of several countries (Brazil, Turkey, Japan ..)

In the human body category you will find the main part of the human body.

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