Memory the Color



※This article has been translated in Google translation.
This game will exercise your memory to remember the color.
A simple game to remember the color appears in the mass of nine, the only answer.
This game is Brain Training.

[How to proceed the game]
① Select the [Start] button.
②Remember the colors displayed in the mass of nine, and then touch the screen.
③Touch the color at the bottom of the [Select ↓] in the answer screen, we will paint the color on the white mass.
④Select the [OK] answer when you are finished.
⑤League table will be displayed will be displayed correct or incorrect answers, When you touch the screen.

※You can specify the number of colors that are displayed in the title screen (3 colors, 6 colors, color 9).
Menu key→ Color Settings →Specifies the number of any

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