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My Personal Memory Trainer helps you exercise your brain by doing fun tasks

  • Entertaining
  • Showing progress
  • May get boring after a while

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"Training your memory was never this fun"


Memory Trainer is an interesting brain training application that focuses solely on memory practise. The application presents much information about memory training, as well as plenty of exercises that'll definitely help you improve this skill.


Each activity is well-thought and fun: exercises are hard but great for the mind, so we can say this actually serves its purpose and helps you increase your memory power.

What we find particularly remarkable is the fact that you can choose to play the Session or the Targeted route. In Sessions, you'll be presented random exercises, while in Targeted, you'll be able to select which areas you prefer to focus on.


Design is kind of updated and not interactive enough. We'd love to see a makeover and have this app become much more engaging and visually appealing.

Original review from November 18, 2014:

This app is an entertaining method of practising your memory skills; there are two types of workouts:

- Sessions: Where you do 20 sessions of random exercises and the difficulty keeps growing.

- Targeted: Where you can choose your favorite tasks and the level of difficulty.

Either way, you can always check your progress by looking at the statistics. Wide information about memory training is also provided; so if you're interested in the great benefits of memory training you may want to take a look at it.

The different tasks that this app includes are the following:

- TileFlip: A number of pictures are shown to you. First of all, you need to memorise them and then be able to identify the odd one out.

- Numberz: In this exercise you have to remember the phone number of different people and then try to dial it.

- Sequencer: Following the colors and ignoring the shape may be a complicated task sometimes, try this one out for finding out.

- GridGrind: In this one you'll have to remember the position of a particular shape in order to recreate the same scenery.

- To-DoKu: This last one exercise helps you train your memory regarding to sentences and people's names.

The creator of this app is Urbian, who has a great list of similar quizzes to do if you want to try them out.

If you enjoy practising your memory skills by doing fun exercises, don't forget to download this application; it's a really fun way of doing it.

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