Mind Games Trifecta



Mind Development is proud to bring these games
to you to play right on your android device,

1.Tic Tac Toe

2.Triangle Peg Solitaire

3.Rip Up The Zombie Word Game

Voted 3 of the best games ever created. All together now in one application.

A must have for everyone!

Our Tic Tac Toe offers several skins to choose from.
Play vs Human or vs Computer
Keep score
Pick x or o
Add player names

Triangle Peg Solitaire is one of the best selling games of all time.
The object is to jump over and remove all the pegs until only one peg remains.
A lot of fun and very challenging.
Play our digital triangle version now to see if you are smart enough to win.
(This is the Cracker Barrel Game)

Rip Up The Zombie is a modern day twist of the best word game ever created. "Hangman".

We feel it is time to remove the noose from the game and make a more politically correct rendition.

Try to save the Zombie by guessing the word correctly before he loses all his limbs.

Learn Vocabulary
Learn Spelling
Different categories
Never see the same word twice
Keep Score

This is really a great app!

Try it out

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