Mind Illusion



The Mind Illusion is able to guess symbols right out of the mind of the player. The Mind Illusion will have no information about which symbol the player is thinking. The Mind Illusion is based in a amazing mathematical phenomenon. In the App contemporary illusion and the allegory of tricky magic come together.
bedazzle yourself and trick your friends!


The player thinks of a fictitious freely choosen 2-digit number. Now the player has to substract the cross-sum from the initial number. Every number is connected to a special symbol. The player now chooses the symbol belonging to the resulting Number out of a list of many symbols. The Mind Illusion will now guess accurately predict this symbol.


* More that 200 different symbols
* An astonishing effect is guaranteed!
* The Mind Illusion does never fail!
* The absulute No. 1 party gag, perfectly to trick your friends

How To Play:

* Devise a two-digit number (for example: 34)
* Take the cross sum (3+4=7)
* Substract the cross sum from your number (34-7=27)
* Search the symbol with the number 27 and keep this symbol in your mind
* Press "Read My Mind"
* Now be impressed and show it to your friends :)

keywords: illusion, divination, prediction, mathematics, trick, phenomenon, mind, reading, guessing

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