Mind Teaser



If you want to test your Memory skills and have fun, then MIND TEASER is the right application for you!

Try “Mind Teaser” to Train your Brain to memorize!

Mind teaser is a great application for kids and adults to improve memory and develop concentration skills. This application is highly configurable, so that players can configure Mind Teaser as per their choice.

All to keep you entertained and have fun while exercising your visual memory to beat your own scores.

Features –
• Wrapped with easy to use interface
• Game with cute graphic images
• Configurable sound and vibration effects
• Complexity - choose between 3 difficulty levels
• Objects - Shapes, Colors, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Birds, Animals
• Timer, Score tracking and much more

Right now, this game supports Android Mobiles but for other platforms like iPhone, Blackberry and Windows this will be available very soon.

Contact info@agilistgroup.com to get more information on installation and support.

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