Mindblocks are the blocks that will make your mind go whoooosh. This 3D puzzle game starts easy to get you familiar with the rules and game-play, but also contains some really challenging puzzles. It builds on the concept of "play, create, share" as seen in other games. This means that once you've completed the puzzles we have created for you, there still are loads of puzzles created by the community for you to try out.

===== Play =====
50+ puzzles for you to get a feel of the different block types. Break your mind on some of the harder puzzles. And after you've completed the puzzles we made for you, check out the puzzles other people made.

===== Create =====
Create your very own puzzles with a ridged editor, the same editor we used to create our puzzles. Use all the different blocks to create nearly impossible puzzles. Build it, test it, and challenge others.

===== Share =====
Share your created puzzles with the rest of the world. See if other people can complete your puzzles.

Should you have any suggestions and/or problems with Mindblocks, please do not hesitate to inform us.

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