Mines - trial



Classic game of minesweeper with not exactly classic looks. Finally a game that can be solved as fast as on a computer or even faster. Play and see for yourself. It is controlled like the version on PC however double clicks were replaced by long touches (single touch reveals the field, a long touch switches among a clear field, a field containing a mine or a field with unknown content). Because of this, the game can be solved as fast as on a computer.

Highlights of the full version:
- several difficulties to choose from, one fully adjustable (board size and number of mines)
- adjustable board can take advantage of your entire screen on all devices
- bigger boards available for tablet devices
- saving the unfinished game when you quit the app
- reset available for lost game so everything will be exactly where it was
- statistic shown after each game (lost or won) for current difficulty
- full statistics available through the menu for all difficulties
- the statistics can be reset (a single one or all of them)
- launching the game with preferred screen orientation
- disabling/enabling use of question marks

Compare you skills with your friends and see who is the fastest one or who has better score.

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