Minesweeper Plus Professional



Minesweeper Plus is a brain & puzzle game original from Windows Mine Sweeper (also known as Mine) game. In addition to the classic Mine Sweeper game, our game has a new Plus model which support following two types of mines in the minefield:

*Mine: The blow range reaches all 8 nearby cells when the mine blows up.
*PlusMine: In addition to nearby cells, the blow range reaches the second cells in North, West, South and East.

The goal of game is to uncover all the cells that do not contain mines without hitting a mine or plusmine. Enjoy!

Hint: The number in the opened cell indicates how many mine/plusmine can reach it if they blow up.


* 6 levels
* 3 cell sizes
* Top scores stored locally
* Zoom In/Out
* Long press tap support
* Tablet support
* Much more challenge and fun with plusmine.
* Support both classic minesweeper game and new plus one

This paid version has following additional features:

* No Ads
* Custom level