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    What color is received from red and blue? Children learn to mix colors and discover new colors.

    Mixing colors is a game for ages 3-6 from the creator of Edufun Ltd. Dragoni series

    Edufun Ltd. specialized educational games for preschool children.

    The game teaches your child that the color created by mixing of different basic colors
    The child chooses a bucket of paint and mix colors,
    with each click of the bucket will increase the amount of the selected color, in this way it creates new colors with which he paints the pictures.

    The paintings were selected from experience of working with children in education, most of these paintings preschool aged children love to paint.

    Game practicing motor use, which is very important in this ages (3-6)
    the game developer cognitive abilities and creative thinking
    practicing using the touch screen and exposed to the educational game world

    In a game there are 12 paintings which can mix colors and paint.

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