From the maker of Tardis Sounds

Haptic feedback integrated with Immersion Tactile Effects

Space puzzle action shooter.
Shoot meteors at artificial planets and planetoids, make them grow bigger until they explode!
*Watch your ammo count, you have a limited supply.. build it up your supply by using your mind and calculating your next move.

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No aliens were harmed in the making of this game.

You're a laid off space demolitionist. You have a spare supply of Revelation Bombs to blow up uninhabited planets, moons and planetoids. Your bombs have limited range, so you must plan your moves accordingly. When a planet, moon or planetoid blows up, it's projectiles add to your score, and every 500 points, adds to your ammo inventory.
If you press on an empty Grid (pictured) it will use a Revelation Bomb and CREATE a starter planet.

BONUS SCENES are meant to take a breather between scenes

STAGES OF PLANETOIDS: meteor, small, medium, large

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