Movie Tag Game



Welcome to Movie Tag – a game issuing a challenge to every movie enthusiast out there!

Your goal is to guess the tags connected with popular films. Each tag you’ve guessed gives you additional points, reveals achievements and helps you improve your world ranking.

Choose a movie and type in your first tag - it can be anything: the name of the actor playing the lead, the production year, the name of the city where the action takes place, etc. Try typing in anything that comes to mind.

We are aware that the game is not an easy one. Each movie contains a handful of very easy tags – anyone can guess them. However, there are also tags which are very difficult to puzzle out. To make it easier for you, we have prepared some general hints – it’s worth familiarizing yourself with them. Furthermore, visit our fanpage – you’ll find more game-related tips there.

So how many tags will YOU be able to guess? Good luck!

New movies and tags every week! Stay tuned!

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