My English Words!



My English Words is a simple anagram pastime with 3 different difficulty levels.
Test your knowledge of English language!
It's very useful for children, will be kind of playing Scrabble without tiles all around!
The letters forming the words to guess are displayed in bulk randomly, object of the game is to find the correct word.
In some cases with the same letters you can form many words of sense, but only one is the winner!
The levels "Medium" and "Hard" also have a range of hint:
repeatedly clicking on the "Help" button will display the first few letters of the word.
The maximum level of help could be changed in the settings ("Menu" and then "Settings"), and includes 3 options: "Light", "Medium", "Strong".
The word database is constantly updated!
Words can be randomly re-displayed: it is a conscious choice, since you could allow other people to play with your phone and face on your same word!

To access the Guide offline: "Menu" and then "Help".

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