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    It is an Android application of Marble Solitaire game also known as Pegs Solitaire or Chinese Checkers. The aim of the game is to end the game with only one marble, by removing marbles by jumping over their neighbours'. A valid move is to jump a marble orthogonally over an adjacent marble into a hole two positions away and then to remove the jumped marble. There are two option for jumping a marble: one is "slide" and the other is "touch". To move a marble in slide mode, slide it to the hole. In touch mode, firstly select it by touching on, then touch a hole to complete the move. There are seven unique boards in the game such as standard, European, diamond, asymmetrical, etc. The game can be played with eleven themes like earth, basketball, aquarium, etc. There is a score board shows the users' statistics. You may also share your score with your friends with Facebook integration.

    • Facebook integration: you may share your score with your friends.
    • Seven boards such as Standard, French, Diamond, Asymmetrical, etc.
    • Eleven themes such as Earth, Aquarium, Soccer, Basketball, etc.
    • Game playing mode: "slide" and "touch"
    • Animations

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