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Negative Space is an original drawing-puzzle game

  • Original
  • Challenging
  • Only one game mode
  • There's no level selection
  • There's no score system

"Black & White power"

Drawing-puzzle game, what's that? Give a try to Negative Space and you'll understand it. In Negative Space players are expect to solve puzzles by drawing. Let's make it clear.

Blobs (smileys) have to reach the goal (flag), but they can't do it on their own: players have to draw black or white lines (depending on the background and the blob color) in order to push it toward the goal. Easy to understand, not such easy to master.

Blobs are always on or into recognizable items like forks, beers cups, roast chicken and the most hilarious stuff you can imagine. The form of the object isn't the most important thing though. What matters is its color, blob's color and where they are place. And, of course, the amount of white and black ink available to fulfill the mission. You can switch black/white ink when needed.

Game isn't amazing regarding graphics. It doesn't pretend either. However, gameplay is highly original and challenging, and that's enough to get its worthy three stars. More game modes, level selection and a score system would make it get better rating.

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Oct 26, 2012

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