Neon Lines



"Lines" (or "Balls") is a classic mega popular logic game. Now this game has reached a new level, and also in arcade mode!!! Think, move, get out and destroy the balls, enjoy the game process, sophisticated logic, high-quality graphics and sound. Race different levels of the game in Arcade mode for the best time. Everyone will find a suitable level of complexity to pass. And even for the most ardent fans of the game there are times where you have to think twice. Change the points scored on the BONUS balls! Use BONUS BALLS on the field - blow one ball or all the balls around, complete several chains IMMEDIATELY using one universal ball! Get 25 points per one move and get bonus SECONDS! Improve your own records, compare the results of other players with your records (online).


Balls of different colors are accidentally exposed on the playing field of 9 × 9. Over one step a player can move the ball by selecting it and specifying the new location. There should be a free way to move the piece. The goal of the game is removing the chain of the balls which disappears when building balls of the same color are in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). With the disappearance of the balls points are added and new balls are not displayed. In other cases the new balls which the player can see in advance are exposed. The game ends when all cells are occupied, and it is impossible to throw on the next portion of the balls. Also there are BONUS balls (triangle at the bottom-left) which can be used in the game - a universal ball, exploding ball, cell-cleaning ball.

Depending on the level of the game there are:
1. Minimum length of removable balls in a row: 4,5 or 6
2. The number of balls put up for the course (one step): 3,4,5 or 6
3. The number of colors of balls: 4,5,6,7 or 8


The longer the chain of balls harvested, the more points it accrues. Points for consecutive harvested chains of balls are multiplied by a coefficient. So for the second harvested chain points are multiplied by 2, for the third by 3 and so on. Therefore it's advantageous to remove a row of the chain, and at first short, then long, because points for long chains will be multiplied by a larger factor at the end.

The number of points depends on the speed of passing a level and on the number of the stars received: more stars - more points. For passing with the stars points proportionally multiplied by a coefficient.

Game modes

1. Arcade Mode

Next level becomes available after previous level is passed. To pass the level you need to get a certain number of points in 3 minutes. 25 second are added if getting more than 25 points in a single turn.

There are three levels of difficulty in Arcade mode:
 Easy - 50 points per level.
 Middle - 100 points per level.
 Hard - 200 points per level.

1. Training mode

The game goes on points with no time limit as long as there is remaining space on the field. In this mode you can select coefficients for the game at the beginning.


If you click on the triangle at the bottom-left, then the bonus balls become available (quantity of the ball is displayed next to each type of the ball). Bonus balls can be purchased for points scored. You can play past levels again and score points (only in the case of passing level).

There are 3 types of bonus balls:

1. Universal ball: Can be of any color. If put this ball on your preferred location, it automatically completes all the chains, in which it is included.
2. Exploding balls: If placed in the center of the square 3X3, it completely clears it.
3. Cell-cleaning ball: Cleanses the cells of the ball, which is there.

New balls are not displayed when using the bonus balls, and the komvo mode is not being completed, i.e. points for the consecutive removed lines scored.


All results and records are stored for all game modes. They can be viewed and improved, and for the arcade mode you can also compare your score with other players.

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