Ninja Math: Starter Edition



The best of both worlds: kids get to play a challenging physics-based puzzle game and must use math skills to beat each level.

Acrobatic Ninja Math is fundamentally a math game with a physics-based puzzle twist. In this free starter edition, you can enjoy 12 levels of this exciting game while practicing addition skills. You can click-through and purchase the full game to enjoy all 36 levels and all 4 of the basic arithmetic operators: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In Acrobatic Ninja Math you have to safely get the Ninja to an answer gong, it has to be the one with the correct answer to the math problem! That makes for double the fun while exercising both your math and physics puzzle skills. Once unlocked after the full game purchase, Acrobatic Ninja Math also includes the option to customize (turn on or off) each of the math types independently to accommodate a wide range of grade levels and math skills from kindergarten through 5th grade. Such flexibility also allows for drilling students on weak skills while they enjoy a challenging physics puzzle game with great graphics and sound effects.

Key features:
•Addition of double digit numbers up to 20
•Ability to choose from 3 math problem difficulty levels (with full game purchase only)
•Ability to customize experience by independently turning math types on/off (with full game purchase only)
•12 challenging levels (36 in all in full game)
•Fun sound effects
•Several different physics-based puzzle mechanics including catapults, trampolines, and rockets! (Some mechanics available only in full game)

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