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Are you really good in math and puzzle?
Do you enjoy solving math equations?
Do you like puzzle game?
Do you enjoy playing swiping game like boggle?

If your answer is yes, then you will enjoy playing this math game.

In 3 minutes, find as many equations as possible that match the goal numbers on a 4 x 4 tiles with random digits ranging from 0 to 9.

Start by touching a number tile and drag your finger across the board touching each connected tile one at a time to form a sequence of numbers.

Operators are omitted and will be inferred by the computer. +-x÷ symbols are added automatically between numbers if a valid equation can be inferred matching the goal number. If you select a combination that does not form a equation, points are deducted.

Exercise your brain now!

This game is free and ad-supported.

2 Modes - Equation and Sequence

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