Obstruction is a puzzle game where the goal is to free the red piece from the board. Horizontal pieces can only move left and right and vertical pieces can only move up and down. If you like the app, please say so in the comments! If you find a bug, send us an email.
Obstruction is the first game from Detour Games. We used this game to learn what it takes to be game developers. It is based off of games such as Traffic Jam, Rush Hour, and Unblock Me. However, the levels in Obstruction expand beyond the normal 6x6 grid. Many levels aren't even rectangles! If you have played through hundreds of levels on similar games and think you have mastered them, give Obstruction a try. The 100 levels become difficult and aren't like anything you've played before! Find your overall score in the options menu then leave a comment with how well you did! Look for more levels in future updates. We are also planning to add OpenFeint support in the near future.

Supports Apps2SD.


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