Ocean Battleship



Much more than a simple Battleship. It's a turn-based strategy game. It is the most exciting warship in the market. Try it for twenty minutes and you can not stop.

It is a different battleship is a warship game with cards, with a shared board and other features. Just drag a card to the board and watch the effects, there are lots of different weapons and utilities. As in others battleship games you have to destroy all the enemy ships in a very exciting turned battle.
Two different modes (Ocean battleship and Pirate battle ship) with four different levels.
Level 1: First battle
Level 2: Battleship with shields and anti-shield weapons
Level 3: The Battle ship with mountains that protect your ships and enemy ones.
Level 4: Battleship with friendly fire. Be careful of your own shoots.
Enjoy it!

If you are a German person and want to translate the game into your language. I'll be proud of creating the german version: Schlachtschiff or Seeschlacht. This message is also for every language in the world: bataille navale, battaglia navale, batalha naval, and so on.

Tags: battaglia nelloceano , jogo de batalhas oceanicas

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